are here

to grow

the healthiest,

most flavorful



We are

good from

the roots.

Our growers have dedicated their professional lives to put the magic in our tomatoes so you can enjoy the true fruits of our labor.

We are all about combining Mother Nature´s tasty creations with our technology to grow exceptional produce.

Whether it’s really magic or just down right hard work and perseverance 365 days of the year, we take great pride in bringing our customers tomatoes that make each eating experience something special.

Our passion is focused on contributing to an overall healthier eating experience for our customers. Our dedication is driven by a conviction to take greenhouse growing to the next level.

many products to

eat and enjoy.



The tomato abundance provided by our controlled growing environment enables Magic Sun to offer a wide range of consumer-friendly and convenient produce presentations. 

bell peppers


We offer outstanding flavor, nutritional value and vibrant colors that appeal to the senses
in all our bell peppers.



Our blueberries are hand-picked at the perfect moment to ensure deliciousness every time.

crafted in Mexico · all natural · organic · high-tech · sustainable farming

it’s easy to over do it.

Their “just picked” characteristic offers all dimensions needed to take your recipes in new directions, whether it is on salads, sauces, soups and anything in between.

Bright vibrant colors, firm consistency and mouth-watering flavor is all that is needed to prepare exceptional dishes.

crafted in Mexico · all natural · organic · high-tech · sustainable farming

our growers are

mucho awesome

Our team of growers create optimal growing environments for our produce with their decades of experience, always with food safety and sustainability in mind.

one step closer to a better future

CEICKOR University´s unique agricultural program specializes in research and development of techniques that enhance greenhouse productivity.

Students receive 70% practical in-greenhouse training with instructors and 30% theoretical in-classroom learning with subject matter experts, where they explore future applications to advance growing techniques.

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