are here

to grow

the healthiest,

most flavorful



We are

good from

the roots.

Our growers have dedicated their professional lives to put the magic in our tomatoes so you can enjoy the true fruits of our labor.

We are all about combining the best that Mother Nature offers with emerging new technologies to grow the absolute best tomatoes.

Whether it’s really magic or just down right hard work and perseverance 365 days of the year, we take great pride in bringing our customers tomatoes that make each eating experience something special.

Involves our passion for making a difference with produce and contributing to an overall healthier food supply for consumers that’s why we we are dedicated to finding new approaches and protocols to take greenhouse growing to the next level.



to eat

and enjoy.



The high-yielding growing environment enables Magic Sun to pack products in a wide spectrum of convenient and consumer-friendly packaging.

bell peppers


The outstanding flavor and nutritional value offered through other Magic Sun varieties shines through with the enhanced color and quality of bell peppers.



Our blueberries are hand-picked to ensure bright, ripe, delicious blueberries every time.

crafted in Mexico · all natural · organic · high-tech · sustainable farming



to over

do it.

Their just picked freshness offers the latitude to take your recipes in new directions with salads, sauces, soups and anything in between.

Large, vibrant color and savory plumpness make this big boy a favorite for its hearty flavor and flexibility in the kitchen.

crafted in Mexico · all natural · organic · high-tech · sustainable farming



are mucho


Our team of growers draws on its decades of experience in greenhouse growing to create an optimal environment to produce wholesome and safe food in the most sustainable way.

one step


to a better


CEICKOR University approach is a unique agricultural program that specializes in research and development of techniques to enhance greenhouse productivity.

Students receive 70% practical training by working with instructors in the greenhouses and 30% with Subject Matter Experts exploring theoretical and future applications to advance growing techniques.

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