Better Food

We believe our ongoing commitment to leveraging our growers’ expertise, locating produce greenhouses in key optimal agricultural regions, and applying painstaking attention to product quality, yields awesome flavor and Better Food for our customers and consumers.

We know that tomatoes are one of consumers’ favorite garden vegetables for salads, sautéing, grilling, and roasting. Magic Sun has developed the varieties and flavor profiles to help consumers create a culinary classic or simply a great grab and go fresh, healthy snack.


Healthy Eating

Tomatoes give us the best of both worlds – loaded with Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant to help prevent cardiovascular disease – and a variety of flavors to tantalize our taste buds. Magic Sun’s tomatoes fit the bill for both healthy and exciting eating experiences.

Year-Round Supply

Enjoying your favorite variety beyond the traditional conventional growing season is a real treat for consumers. This not only offers consumers an advantage for creating their own favorite recipes through a much longer season, it extends the traditional marketing window for varieties and helps retailers drive increased sales of tomatoes.

Extended Growing Season

By monitoring and controlling the environment, varieties can be picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure optimum taste and freshness. Depending upon on the variety, some tomatoes can be harvested up to four times per year over 39 weeks, far exceeding production of field-grown produce.

Environmental Protection

Greenhouses also protect plants from adverse weather conditions such as significant swings in temperature, wind and rain storms, and even related impacts from natural disasters such as regional wildfires. Reducing stress on plants can increase crop yields and enhances overall varietal quality and flavor of produce.

Atmosphere Advantage

With our hydroponic program, our produce gets their nutrients from the direct drip irrigation system allowing the plants to establish hearty root systems. This, along with the ability to provide the proper ventilation, perfect temperature, humidity, lighting and the appropriate amount of water, allows plants to put all their energy toward producing great tasting tomatoes.